...to the twilight zone; I'll be your usher." In case that's not a big enough hint for you, let me put it another way: This blog for all those things I really shouldn't put on my business blog or web site. Now that may sound guileful of me, but this is nothing more than my effort to keep my personal life separate from my business life. (...and believe me, that is a challenge!)


Another Widget To Test

EDIT: Now that I'm going through ALL of my files, moving into my new machine, I've added some more images to the widget. Enjoy!

Box.net provides free online file hosting (and more), which I use for some items I've posted to my website and blog, has a new little widget for posting files to your blog or website. You need to have Adobe's Flash Player installed, but that's what makes this really neat... [Does anyone still say that?] You can preview images and video, right inside the widget! So, try it out, already!

I'll try to get something more interesting uploaded.

Until then, Happy Holidays!

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